Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow a banana plant in my backyard in Queensland?

AS OF JULY 2016 – YES!
There are no longer any restrictions on the varieties permitted for home cultivation.
Backyard banana growers can now have any variety, and any number of banana plants, provided they are tissue-cultured plants purchased only from a QBAN accredited banana nursery.

(Ornamental bananas are still prohibited in QLD).

Currently we stock (subject to availability):

Cavendish and Ladyfingers (YES THEY ARE BOTH NOW PERMITTED FOR BACKYARDS), Bluggoe, Ducasse, Dwarf Ducasse, Pisang Ceylan, Terema, Saba, Blue Java, Pacific Plantain, Red Dacca, Dwarf Red Dacca, Goldfinger, Pisang Mas, Senorita.

No other special varieties are available at this time.

Banana Plants QLD

Can I buy Blue Sky Backyard Bananas from a nursery in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland?

YES. Have a look at our growing list of retail nursery stockists on the HOME page to find one in your area. If you can’t see a nursery listed that’s convenient to you, tell them to contact us to become another stockist!

These are the only stockists of Blue Sky Backyard Bananas. If you come across any other nurseries or online sellers advertising “Backyard Bananas” for sale, they are not associated with Blue Sky Backyard Bananas.

Do I need a permit to grow backyard banana plants in Queensland?

On July 1st 2016 the regulations changed. A permit is no longer required if you purchase tissue – cultured plants,  from a QBAN accredited banana plant production nursery, supplied to an approved retail nursery.
We have approval from Biosecurity Queensland to sell backyard banana plants to anyone in QLD (ffrom the NSW border to just north of Cooktown). If you are ever inspected, you can rest assured because you will be able to confirm you have obtained your banana plants from a legal source.


Can I take a banana sucker from a friend’s plant? Can I buy banana suckers from the markets or Gumtree?

NO and NO.
The Plant Protection Act (1989) and the Plant Protection Regulation (2014) administered by Biosecurity Queensland prohibits the movement of non tissue-cultured banana plant material (suckers), WITHOUT A PERMIT.

If you buy a banana plant from a flea market, or Gumtree, chances are it’s a sucker dug out of the ground, perhaps from an abandoned banana farm, and it certainly won’t come with a permit! If you are approached by an inspector, you won’t be able to prove you purchased your plant legally.

Our banana plants are clean-sourced, virus-tested, propagated under sterile laboratory conditions and grown in soil-free potting medium in our frog-friendly nursery.


If you follow our guidelines and nurture a sucker or two for the following year, you should get FREE banana plants every year for the next 5-7 years!

How does the plant come to me?

The plants are grown in either 120mm forestry tubes, or peat jiffy pots (depending on the variety) and are approximately 300mm – 600mm tall.  The pot is wrapped in a plastic bag to retain moisture, the plant is placed into a poster tube, a cable tie secures the pot to the cap, to prevent it from sliding around in transit, endeavoring to minimise transit damage. Larger orders may be packed altogether in a box. Every effort is made to ensure the plants are packed as carefully as possible, and they are delivered by Australia Post. Please read the Delivery section.


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