Blue Sky Tissue Culture is a QBAN accredited commercial tissue culture banana plant nursery, established in 2006, in Tully, tropical Far North Queensland – the banana capital of Australia. We produce 250,000 Cavendish banana plants a year.
In 2007, in response to increasing demand from all over Australia, especially from people in Brisbane interested in buying backyard bananas online, we gained approval from DPI and established Blue Sky Backyard Bananas.

“Where can I buy backyard banana plants online?” – Blue Sky Backyard Bananas is the number one online mail order banana plant nursery in Australia!

We ONLY stock Williams Cavendish and (subject to limited availability) Ducasse, Dwarf Ducasse, Pisang Ceylan, Ladyfinger, Pacific Plantain, Blue Java, Goldfinger, Bluggoe, Red Dacca, Dwarf Red Dacca, Saba, Terema, Pisang Mas and Senorita.

Any new varieties will be added to the website. If the one you are interested in is not listed, then we do not stock it. We DO NOT stock ornamental bananas as they are prohibited in QLD.

WE DO NOT SHIP TO NEW SOUTH WALES, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, NORTHERN TERRITORY OR TASMANIA. The sale of nursery-grown banana plants from QLD is prohibited to WA and NSW. Import requirements (chemical treatment and inspection) to allow plants to be sent to NT and TAS are simply too expensive.

Prices on the website are for QLD customers ONLY. For SA and VIC and ACT customers, please be advised, the price displayed at checkout will be adjusted. $1O will be added for each plant for Express Postage and insurance, plus $5.50 per consignment for interstate certification costs. We have Red Imported Fire Ant certification and we will send a plant health certificate with the parcel.

Blue Sky Backyard Bananas retail nursery stockists

    • Limberlost – Cairns – 40551262
    • Daydawn – Townsville – 47782272
    • Black River Garden Centre – Townsville – 47786388
    • Charles Porter & Sons – Mackay – 49673333
    • Calligan’s Nursery – Mackay – 49552656
    • Kirisit Nursery – Mackay -49573339
    • Annie’s Nursery Bucasia Gardens Mackay – 42408844
    • Fitzroy Nursery – Rockhampton – 49272194
    • All Habitats Tropicals – Glenlee Rockhampton – 0409340252
    • As Green As Garden Centre – Tully – 40680480
    • Turners Garden Centre – Rochedale Brisbane – 33415214
    • Horticultural Touch – North Maclean Brisbane – 0429269771
    • Oxley Nursery – Oxley Brisbane – 33755390
    • Top Tropicals – Chapel Hill Brisbane – 0412442588
    • Timbara Nursery – Thornlands Brisbane – 32064878
    • Narangba Nursery – Kurwongbah – 0409222855
    • Mt Isa Home & Garden Centre – Mt Isa – 47435484

These are the only stockists of Blue Sky Backyard Bananas in QLD. If you come across any other nurseries advertising “Backyard Bananas” for sale, they are not associated with Blue Sky Backyard Bananas.

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Photo credits: Jerry Coleby-Williams, Tali Dunnage-Burke and Jeff Daniells